If you're looking for the most wonderful mommy & me ballet classes to take with your toddler, you have found it! I highly recommend Miss Nikki's Baby Ballet Long Island classes. My daughter has been taking ballet with Miss Nikki and her teaching assistants for the last 2 yrs (ages 2-4) and enjoyed every minute of it and has learned so much. She has now aged out and still talks about Miss Nikki constantly and always shows off what she has learned from her. We both really miss her and her amazing classes. It's been a special bonding experience to be able to do a mommy & me ballet class with my daughter. Her classes are fun, they are non-competitive with no recitals or expensive uniforms. She is so warm and welcoming, as are all her assistants. Always has a smile on her face, always so loving and she has this magical energy with the children. She and her assistants teach classes at different indoor play locations all over Long Island like Le Play Cafe, Once Upon a Treetop and many more... She teaches in such an fun and imaginative way, like sneaking veggies in your kids food. Her british accent makes it even more fun and magical. It's like taking a ballet class with Mary Poppins.

My daughter has been enrolled in Baby Ballet for two terms and is currently in her third, and loves it!! She started at 21 months, and I can really see how much she grasp & learns from session to session. Ms. Nikki and Ms. Jeanna are wonderful, so patient and enthusiastic with the kids! I highly recommend this class as an intro to dance!!

Its been nearly a year & half since my daughter Julia took your class - she still talks about her tutu class & "good toes & naughty toes" - today when we signed her up for dance classes - she was disappointed that it wasn't going to be with Miss Nikki - just wanted you to know - that you made a very good impression on her - thanks again!
                  -  Elizabeth Barry Falicki‎

Just need to share how much my daughter Ana is enjoying class. This is her first session and I couldn't be happier! She asks me everyday to go to dance class!​

                            -Amanda Acevedo

A must do for toddlers! My daughter learned so much and loved Miss Nikki and Miss Jeanna. Taught my daughter so many great dance techniques!!

Thank you Miss Nikki for another wonderful ballet session. Johannah loves your class so much.

               - ‎Heather Benot Burker‎

Last fall, my tiny dancer took ballet for the first time. Even though she loved it, she'd have days in class that she just didn't want to participate. On those days, her ever patient teacher Miss Nikki would hang back a few minutes after class and go through the routine with Zayna. She didn't have to do that, but I appreciated it so much. Zayna would come home and practice for the whole week, but would get shy in front of her classmates sometimes. Miss Nikki always managed to bring her out of her shell and she always left a happy little dancer...thank you Nicola and Amber for helping her along and giving me the gift of MANY dance videos that I will cherish forever...."Put your hands together 1,2,3...put your hands upon your knees..."

​                                      - Sarah B


Hayley finished her first 6 week Baby Ballet session today. As a new walker and having muscle asymmetries due to Torticollis, my husband was a little concerned that the class wouldn't be beneficial for her so young. She started classes at just under 12 months old. Nicola and Angelica were encouraging about how young she was and it was amazing to see how much Hayley learned about her own body in such a short time. In-between sessions, she would pirouette at home, or tap her feet on the floor! Of course some things like skipping or jumping were a little above her gross motor skill abilities, but that didn't stop her from enjoying the class or socializing with her classmates. I highly recommend Baby Ballet Long Island for baby ballet classes! We are super excited for the winter session dates to be posted so we can register!

            - ‎Desirae Boehle-Berler‎ 

Thank you so much for introducing Madison to ballet. She talks about you and your class often. We practice 'Good Toes', arabesques and hopping like a bunny on a regular basis. She loves to dance and you truly brought out the ballerina in her.

                - Jamie & Michael Lund