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Our classes have been specially designed by Royal Academy of Dance qualified, Northern Ballet School graduate Nicola Ciotta. Dancers can start from walking age through to 4 years of age, and have been developed to encourage confidence whilst learning the ballet basics in a fun and nurturing atmosphere. The fully structured 30 - minute classes offer a magical introduction into the World of ballet, engaging children in age-appropriate dance, whilst learning rhythm, posture, co-ordination and balance through a fun, structured class. Teachers are encouraging and positive and family and friends are very welcome to come and watch. It's all part of the performance! 

Watch your child interact with others, make new friends, work as a team and discover new ways to communicate and create.

Which Class is right for your dancer?

Mommy and Me: An Introduction to Ballet.

Ages: Walkers through to 2.5 years
Through fun filled, ballet based exercises, imagery and a mixture of 

classical music and song , this 30 minute structured class will have your 

dancer pointing their toes, learning to plie and tip toe-ing out of the door.  

Its a perfect introduction to dance and helps develop and instill physical and 

emotional confidence while learning a foundation in ballet. 

Advanced Toddlers Ballet.
Ages: 2.5 - 4 years

Now that you are older its time to learn some of the ‘Grown Up’ stuff! 
On the list? Positions of the arms, positions of the feet, correct form, arabesque 

and attitude, pirouettes and sautes (jumps) to name a few. This is the best

gift you can give your aspiring dancer as they will use their Baby Ballet Long Island 

training for the rest of their life. We teach it right, right from the start!

 Use of ballet terms in both English and French are also used.
             A caregiver is allowed to stay in the room to watch.

Be a Part of the Magic

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