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What age can my child start?

As long as your little one is walking then they are ready for our classes, normally the 18m age is the best for them to really enjoy and understand the class. Mummy and Me classes involve the parent/guardian for support in all exercises however to get the most out of the class it is important that they are on their feet.


Is it just Moms or can Dads join in too?

Moms, Dads, Aunts, Baby Sitters, whoever your little one is comfortable with. Family/Friends are also very welcome to come and watch although please note that as nice as it is for them is can also be a distraction for your child.


Do they need to wear anything specific?

At the Mommy and Me level, no. Just comfortable clothes, dance wear or a tutu. Anything they can move around in comfortably. Soft soled shoes, socks with grips or ballet shoes are required for footwear. For the Advanced toddler class - ballet shoes are required and can be purchased from most dance wear stores or from your Baby Ballet Long Island teacher for $25.


Why is the class only 30 minutes long?

Baby Ballet Long Island classes are fully structured from the warm up to the curtsey. There is no 'free play' or 'go and explore' time during class. The locations with Open Play facilities offer open play after the class included in your fee, therefore 30 minutes is a long time for full concentration. Your child will learn just as much in our 30 minute classes than most other 45-60min classes due to the way it is structured.


It seems a little repetitive, is that not boring for them?

Not at all. Children actually love the repetiveness as they learn the exercises, look forward to their favorites and work on perfecting the skills that challenge them. Both you and the child will able to see the progress over the weeks and be proud of accomplishments. Ballet is an art form and a sport, although at a younger age it is important to keep it fun and enjoyable, it is important to work on the basic foundations and technique so they are able to build on them  as they get older and more advanced. And even then they will still be doing Plies, even when they get a Soloist career with the NYCB! 

Make-up Policy

Please contact us to request the possibility of a make up on a desired date or for any individual special requests. We try our best to fit in any Make-Ups and they can normally be taken at any of our locations depending on availability. Make Up's must be done within the current session and one can be carried over to a following session if you are signed up for it. Contact us to book in your Make Up.


Emergency Closing Policy
We generally will not hold class if the local school districts are closed due to severe inclement weather or other emergency school closings (school closings can be found on However, this is not always the case so please check by calling the location or Baby Ballet Long Island. Class cancellations and/or delays will be announced on our Facebook page and by the location.
If classes are cancelled, they will be rescheduled at the end of the session or a make up on another day/location will be offered.


Refund Policy
In the event that you need to cancel your registration, refunds will be granted as follows: You can try up to 3 classes and if you feel like the class just isn't the right fit for you and your dancer we offer a prorated refund.

No refunds after the 3rd class unless advised by a Doctor and supported with a medical note.


PLEASE NOTE: If the location you booked your session at has different policies, those over-ride these rules. 

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